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Our publications

Our publications

coeur_abbaye_eng.jpg Coeur d’Abbayes allows you to discover the restored interior and the history
of the abbey. Three important stages highlight your tour. In the cloister, you will discover the spatial and temporal organisation of the abbey. This leads to the Chapter house where you will be reminded of the virtues of the Benedictine Order. Temporary artistic exhibitions are presented throughout the year in the Gothic refectory. On the first floor, you will discover the long and enthralling history of
the abbey and of the city: the foundation by Saint Philibert, the Viking invasions, the particular statute granted to the abbey, the work of Louise de l’Hospital…

The visit ends in a presentation of the architecture of the Norman abbeys and by an audio-visual invitation to discover how the light is used to the greatest advantage.
Enjoy your visit!
promenade_eng.jpg The visit of the abbey enables you to discover how the city developed around and alongside the abbey over the centuries. This pleasant tour with sixteen stops is a different way to appreciate the heart of the city of Montivilliers. Each stop is signalled by a red, grey or ivory panel. Very different kinds of themes are covered at each stop with a short text and images. Audio-guided commentaries enable you to systematically learn more. Your route is signalled by arrows between each stop. The map on the back serves as an additional reference for you. The average duration of the walking tour is 45 minutes. It can of course be shortened or lengthened according to your pace.

The audio-guide should be returned to the reception when you have finished your tour.
Enjoy your walk!